The EBC Kenya is a key actor in bringing change to the Kenyan economy.

EBC Kenya works closely with Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Embassies Trade Services from various European countries to co-ordinate policy proposals, make suggestions and lobby the Kenyan Government on how to create an open environment for trade and investment in Kenya.

By participating in EBC, Organizations have the opportunity not only to learn about the important changes taking place in Kenya, but also to play a critical role in influencing the change themselves. Joining EBC Kenya can give you

  • access to highly relevant information in your sector,
  • valuable contacts with other European professionals,
  • an opportunity to have your voice heard through various channels,
  • professional help in formulating and resolving your regulatory concerns under the EBC umbrella together with other member companies, and
  • a direct channel to the Kenyan government officials and politicians.